Saturday, March 04, 2006

Art Journal - The record of this journey. My developing art making philosphy goes in here. I also have acknowledged the many influences and inspirations I have found along the way.
Red Journal Oh the Joy of the color Red!!
Prayer Journal I like painting and drawing in it and praying over what the page represents
Idea Journal What a mess LOL I hit this book like a crazed scientist ... Experimentation... experimentation! Notes from all the wonderful articles I find go here in the pockets etc.
Nature Journal finally a book with no lines! I enjoyed making it Now to fill the pages with glorious columbine and bluebirds
round robin I cannot wait to put the cover on and continue to see what my friends are doing in it.
Altered book is begun thanks to Colleen who is helping me
Glue book for collages Recently named "Bot on" after the gluebots.
Devotional journal I am Art Parables I have journaled about Peace makers in it
Journals I want to start:
Reading Journal hmmmm gotta get this going
Gardening almanac journal put the gardening books all in one place....whoo hooo
Gratitude journal I am using the compostion book with the colorful leaves for this one

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