Saturday, March 27, 2010

How can you tell someone is really enjoying Altering books and Art journaling? They stop posting in their Art blogs lol I hope to post soon. =)

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Betty said...

I have just found your site today. Our local Oxfam shop has just had a window display of altered books, so I think I may have caught the bug. I just googled and up you came, you have some lovely ideas which I thought would inspire me, I thought I might do an 'I am' book you know the I am the bread of life, and I am the light of the world. One site I chanced upon has a theme of Grandma, I thought I would do that for my sisters birthday, as I am 5 years older than her she doesnt remember a lot of our grandma, so that would be lovely for her. Thanks so much for your ideas and sharing, sorry to hear that others havent left a comment, I hope it hasnt discouraged you as I see you havent posted since March. Looking forward to reading more. Love Betty