Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Artiscape 2011

Artiscape 2011 hosted by European papers my Junque journal page

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Lynda said...

I've loved peeking into the journal pages you've chosen to share with the world. After finishing a 30 day creativity challenge this year, I've had some thoughts about why I have the urge to create. Genesis says that God created us in his image. And he is the Creator of the universe...so we must have the capacity to create within us. However, because of the fall of man, this power has been twisted, beaten down, denied, and hidden. Yet, those in Christ, are made a new creation!
The more closely we follow the Savior, the more we grow into his image. We are freed from the judgement and condemnation of this world. By the grace of God, we are born again into a new life. Praise God!