Thursday, March 15, 2007

More crazy paper. I covered this for an example for class. I need to find the embellishment I bought for the flower.... Everything gets lost around here. I decided to "set myself up" today. I never plan to fail I just fail to plain. so I am remedying that somewhat today... Goal is to print some water marks on watercolor paper and draw elephants for my collage. Here goes (:

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Valerie said...

Artists are asking about how to make crazy paper. I have taught a couple of classes on it but hoped to put the url for the original link where I got the details but I cannot find it. I started with making serendipity squares for scrapbooking. then I read an article on crazy plastic paper and am still in love with this process. when I find more info. I will post it to this blog. thanks for the emails and comments.